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Home Star Rating Australia only use nationally accredited Thermal Performance assessors giving you an auditable quality assurance mechanism that allows you to rely on the expert advice provided by us on the designs thermal performance.

As nationally accredited assessors we are subject to an external audit process, are required to use nationally recognised assessment processes and to abide by the assessors code of practice.  As registered assessors we are required to hold current Professional indemnity insurance, and update our knowledge with ongoing professional development. For more information on the national accreditation system and process go to the ABSA web site.

Accreditation requirements include:

  •     Completing approved training in Thermal Performance Assessment. Assessors using 2nd Generation tools are required to complete the 4 day training Qualification Short Course in Building Thermal Performance Assessment (Residential)
  •     Completing an Accreditation exam.
  •     Compliance with a Code of Practice [121 KB PDF].
  •     Compliance with Accredited Assessment Procedures.
  •     Holding adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  •     Auditing of assessments.
  •     Attendance at Continuing Professional Development update briefings.