How and when do I get a thermal performance assessment?

Once your design and drawings have been completed you should forward these onto us. We will send out a proposal and, on acceptance, we will commence work on your designs. We will  forward certification to you either in hard copy or electronically. If your design does not meet the regulatory requirement for a 5 star rating we will be happy to discuss a range of options for enhancing the thermal performance and Star rating of your house or unit development.

Six easy steps

  •     Contact our office and Send plans by email for quick reply. Email plans can be read in various formats including PDF .
  •     On acceptance of fee proposal/quote, a checklist will be sent back to you.
  •     Fill in checklist.
  •     The assessment will be done and a report on the interim results will be sent.
  •     We then work with you to ensure you comply with current regulatory requirements.
  •     The plans are notated and Thermal Specification is placed on plans, stamped and signed. One set of plans is retained by us for ABSA audit requirements

It is important to ensure detailed drawings are provided to us for assessment. Assessments can only include features noted on the construction drawings. Once the design has been assessed any changes to the design need to be included in the assessment to ensure the performance of the property has not been compromised by the changes and the house still achieves the required star rating.

Floor plan,sections and details showing :

  •     all dimensions
  •     width of eaves, verandas, pergolas and awnings
  •     location and size of ceiling fans exhaust fans and down lights and skylights
  •     window sizes and glazing details.Elevations and sections showing
  •     doors ( and glazing )
  •     ceiling heights
  •     roof ventilation
  •     Screens, awnings and shading devices
  •     Window styles and glazing
  •     Floor construction type i.e suspended timber floor, slab on ground suspended concrete slab
  •     Insulation R values and materials to walls and ceilings (and floors)
  •     Sarking, foil or blanket to the underside of roofing and or walls.
  •     Types of floor coverings i.e. carpet, floor tiles or polished boards.
  •     Extent of any weatherstrips to doors (and windows).
  •     Any proposed external shutters or louvers
  •     Insect screens
  •     Colour of the finishes used-on the roof and  walls
  •     Lining materials used on the walls and ceilings.
  •     Lighting details including the type of down lights. Un-vented down lights those that do not allow for the exchange of air between the rooms and roof space.
  •     Ceiling fan layouts.


Site Plan showing

  •     Fall of land.
  •     Direction of true north and orientation of the house.
  •     Distance to and height of approved fences or screens.
  •     location of the property including lot number