Why do I need to get a Thermal Performance Assessment to be carried out on my house design?

All states in Australia require new homes to meet minimum thermal performance standards. In other words, the home must be designed to remain at a comfortable temperature without the need for excessive heating or cooling. These requirements are designed to reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned to produce energy for homes, thereby reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In all states and territories except NSW, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets these requirements..

Under the BCA, all dwellings must achieve a 5 or 6 star standard (this varies between States). A Building Thermal Performance Assessment conducted by an ABSA Assessor can be used to show compliance with these requirements.

What is Thermal Performance Assessment?

 A Thermal Performance Assessment (also commonly known as a home star rating), is an assessment of how much energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the year.

The assessment works out through the use of simulation software how your house exchanges heat with the environment

All states in Australia require new houses to meet minimum thermal performance standards. Some states have requirements for existing home owners to declare the home’s thermal performance at point of sale.

A Thermal Performance Assessment conducted by an ABSA Assessor can be used to show compliance with the Building Code of Australia (Verification method)

How is a Thermal Performance Assessment done?

Assessors conduct Thermal Performance Assessments by inputting your house design into an approved computer software package. The rating is based on building fabric components (e.g. walls, floors, roof, windows, insulation), climatic data (from weather data files), and occupancy settings.

What is an Accredited Assessor?

A: ABSA Accreditation is the only nationally recognised standard for Assessor training and Quality Assurance which meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. In some states it is mandatory to use an Accredited Assessor to carry out Building Thermal Performance Assessments.

ABSA assessor number 80011

As Accredted Assessors we will provide you with a stamped ABSA Certificate (which is required to be lodged with your Development or Building Application) and will stamp your plans accordingly. In the event that your design does not meet the required minimum standard, we will work with you to provide options or  alternatives to improve the performance of your house design.

What software should our assessor use

The approved software used to generate a rating varies by state – the approved tool in the Northern Territory is Accurate  which is validated using a national standard. The simulation engine upon which all tools are based was developed by the CSIRO in consultation with state and federal governments. For more information on the software click here