We offer practical and  professional advice in relation to the thermal performance of your design. Having a well rounded experience in the building and construction industry we are well placed to offer practical cost effective advice to ensure your design meets the Star rating requirements. Once we have done an initial assessment of your design we are happy to sit down with you and go through the options so that your design meets your needs and energy efficiency requirements.

The use of Accurate Software to carry out assessments enables us to look at and evaluate all aspects of your home design and thermal performance. Many Building designers are keen to continue using Deemed to satisfy provision within the Building Code or Australia which look at building components in isolation and often restrict design features to fit in with these perscriptive requirements.  Because deemed to satisfy provisions don’t look at the overall performance of your house it may add significnatly to construction costs and limit features you may want to incorporate into your design.

Accurate is the most sophisticated Thermal Performance assessment tool available and is the benchmark for all other software in use in Australia. Accurate allows us to in clued and assess a range of tropical design features that people often want to incorporate in tropical designs, extensive use of louvers and operable walls to take advantage of dry season breezes.

Give us a call to discus you design and how we can help you get the design you want to meet 5 star energy efficiency requirements.